DCPD / Rim Molds

Castek offers several levels of DCPD molds from prototype, bridge tooling and production aluminum billet molds. Castek’s metal handling processes allow us to provide excellent aluminum sand castings mold surfaces for the DCPD molding process.

Dependent on geometry, surface detail and material required, Castek has the ability to provide several DCPD molding options including: Aluminum Sand Casting CNC machined molds, High-temperature epoxy prototype molds, Aluminum Cast/Billet and Straight Billet molds.

Each DCPD mold Castek manufactures is done with complete attention to detail during every facet of the project.

Single & Twin Sheet Thermoform Tooling

Castek has manufactured temperature controlled “precision cast” single and twin sheet vacuum form tools for almost three decades. Our turn-key molds are designed to produce the highest-level of quality plastic parts in the industry. From part design to finished tool review with our customers, we ensure that all specifications have been met with an increased emphasis to detail. There is typically no size limitation to our cast molds and they are often 100% machined to maintain both dimensional and cosmetic quality.

Single & Twin Sheet Thermoform Tooling

Pressure Forming Tooling

Pressure forming molds are in a class of their own. These molds, in their specific design, are geometrically intricate and require both vacuum and pressure to produce a higher level of detail needed. These temperature-controlled tools are generally machined 100% and have an injection molded appearance at a much lower price than its counterpart.

Compression Tooling

Castek has produced metal matched compression tools since 1993’. These molds are used to produce carpet, foam, acoustic, RIM and Injection molded parts. These molds are also cast oversize and machined 100%. Compression tools can also be temperature-controlled and have secondary/moving action to form severe undercuts with in-mold trimming capabilities. We also provide 3rd party CMM work for mold verification against initial CAD data.

Inspection & Prototyping

The Romer Arm is a 3 meter reach machine capable of scanning 3 dimensional surface and does a comparative analysis to the CAD / CAM data provided.

  • Fully functional gantry press with 10 ton force with a 90” daylight and 36” stroke.
  • Heating system is soap dish infrared with a 105 x 72” work envelope.  Zoned.
  • Vacuum pump set up to heat and form using plug assist on press
  • Thermolators to temp control mold halves for consistent process


  • Romer Laser CMM – 3 meter reach – calibrated and overhauled annually – ISO 17025 standards
  • Manual CMM arm – for manual layout – 60 x 84 x 216 work envelope
Inspection & Prototyping
Inspection & PrototypingInspection & PrototypingInspection & PrototypingInspection & PrototypingInspection & PrototypingInspection & Prototyping