Why use aluminum castings rather than aluminum billet?

Castings can be a much more economical option for larger molds and molds that have a deep draw (tall Z part height). Aluminum sand castings can weight a fraction of billet aluminum molds thus allowing easier handling for our customers.

Aluminum Castings

Aluminum billet molds used in molding operations require gun drilling for temperature control. This gun drilling operation can add significant costs and additional labor to the mold. When using aluminum castings there is no need for gun drilling. The stainless-steel tubing is cast onto the back side of the aluminum castings to provide this needed processing control.

When using aluminum castings there is a significant savings on CNC machining hours. Castek "over casts" the mold face by and can immediately begin finish CNC programs as opposed to heavy roughing passes that are needed on billet aluminum molds.

Aluminum castings can save a great deal of project timing. On larger molds often times the billet aluminum producers have long lead times or may not be able to produce a billet of that particular size. Castek has several large foundry flasks to fonn the sand molds
around your project and can custom manufacture a foundry flask to allowing molding
these larger projects. This coupled with reduced CNC machining hours when using sand castings can reduce many weeks of overall program timing for your project.

Send us your part data or project outline and a knowledgeable Castek team member will reach out right away to quote and help with your project!